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This is more than a recycling directory: there are tips and ideas to Reduce and Re-use, where to go for Repair as well as Recycle and, wherever possible, everything is local. Although it was created for Marlborough (England), the "reduce and reuse" tips and online links can be used anywhere. If you are visiting the directory from further afield, you will have your own local charity shops, repair businesses and recycling facilities.

If you can't see what you are looking for in the list below, send us an email: recycling at transitionmarlborough.org You can also use the search facility at the top of the web page.  Sometimes an item is included in a section, but does not appear in the title (e.g. crockery is on the Kitchen page, toothbrushes are on Bathroom page). To bring the relevant item to the top of the search list, type in "recycle" then the item for which you are searching (e.g.  recycle crockery). Local charities etc are listed on each page, with further details in Recycling Contact Information. Things change all the time: save the directory in your favourites and check back often.

Please help us - this is your directory: if you have any comments, requests, or further ideas for reducing and reusing items, or know of other local businesses/organisations that can reuse, repair or recycle items, (or spot a typo or something that is out of date) please contact us on recycling at transitionmarlborough.org

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