Marlborough Cycle Network

This on-line interactive map of the Marlborough Cycle Network is still being developed, but provides a digital map that can be panned and zoomed using the controls to the top if the left-hand side of the map.

Individual sections of the Cycle Network are shown on the map with path styles, as described in the 'legend' below the map, that are similar to the Wiltshire Council 'endorsed' map that can be downloaded from here.

When the cursor is 'hovered' over each individual section of the network, a small label for the section is displayed, and it can then be clicked to display a larger pop-up 'bubble' that shows additional details. It is the content of these larger pop-up's that is still being developed and they will each, in due course, show not only more information in text but also a mini slide show of annotated images. Please note that you may have to 'grab' the map and drag it if the pop-up is not fully 'on-map' when it first opens.

As the system is still being developed, please do let us have your comments and feedback, plus if you have any suggestions about updates to the content, including any useful images that could be added to the slide shows then just email us with your input. Please note that this page does not work consistently when using any version of Internet Explorer - all other major browsers are OK eg FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Map Legend:
Image - On road
Image - Quiet street
Image - Surfaced cycleway
Image - Unsurfaced cycleway
Image - Footpath (cyclists dismount)