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Practical Permaculture for Transition

Published by Sam Page on 29 April 2012

This course began at Rachel and Barney's house on Saturday 21st April. Participants held a lively discussion on the principles, ethics and philosophy of permaculture and how they relate to our local situation. We also watched this moving video by Bill Mollison about urban gardening around the world, in cities as diverse as Harare, Zimbabwe and Davis, California.

Participants also heard about the importance of 'Zoning': Permaculture uses the idea of zones to separate different areas of your land by how you interact with them. Zone 0 is your house. Zone 1 is directly adjacent to your house, something you walk by every day and see. Your kitchen herbs and plants that need constant attention go here. As you travel out in zones, you have less and less direct interaction with each zone, until you get to zone 5, where your only interaction is observation.


Zones can also be defined according to our use of fossil fuels...