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US kids share recycling resource with TM

Published by Sam Page on 22 March 2012

TM has received this interesting message from a teacher in the USA:


My name is Sarah and I am a High School English teacher. Currently, my students are writing research papers on various environmental topics. They have been researching to find quality resources in order to write about the specific topics of their choice. In their research, they came across your web page and found it to be very helpful. Thank you for maintaining a great resource!

A group of my students have chosen to focus their research on recycling, and they found  this very informative article about it (on a site maintained by the African American Environmentalist Association) (http://www.aaenvironment.com/environmental-concerns-recycling.htm). They would like to suggest the article to you to add to your page as an additional resource because they think it would be helpful and of interest to the visitors of your site. Also, if you do find it to be useful and decide to add it as a resource, my students will be awarded extra credit (a little extra credit opportunity I give them).  

It would be very encouraging for my students to see their suggestion being used on your page; they have been putting a lot of effort into their research for this project so far. Please get back to me as soon as you can about this so that I can give them a verdict smiley  

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! 

Thanks guys - we are very grateful for this extremely useful information!