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Cut your carbon emissions by rejecting bottled water

Published by Sam Page on 20 March 2012

Did you know that it takes up to 2, 000 times more energy to extract, purify, pack and transport one litre of bottled water, compared with treating and delivering one litre of tap water directly to your home?

....or that 1.5 million tonnes of plastic (requiring 8 billion litres of oil) is needed to produce bottles for the 89 billion litres of bottled water that the world consumes every year?

The majority of these bottles are never recycled. 

Britain's tap water is amongst the cleanest and safest in Europe and it is piped to our kitchens, offices and schools with minimum energy and zero road transport requirements. By drinking only tap water you can not only save money but also instantly cut your carbon emissions and reduce your impact on the environment.

Please ask for it in pubs and resturants and also encourage your children to use refillable bottles when they go to school:

School Bottle can print your child's name on her bottle, while Amazon and ebay sell a range of trendy aluminium bottles for teenagers.


Is this where our empty plastic bottles end up?