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Home insulation - a long way to go.

Published by NickSted on 07 March 2012

Home Insulation – Still a long way to go



DECC have just released the statistics for home insulation to Jan 2012 (http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/news/stat_ins_jan12/stat_ins_jan12.aspx

There are still:

9.25 million houses with sub-standard loft insulation

7.75 million cavity wall houses without cavity insulation

7.6 million solid wall houses (almost all of them) without insulation

Considering about one third of the UK’s carbon footprint is due to home heating and that energy prices are almost inevitably going to rise, there is much work still to do. 

Will the New Green Deal work? – there are many sceptics.  We will have to see.