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Goodbye oil, Hello wood - part 4

Published by NickSted on 05 March 2012

Part 4  The Installation


Day 1 – The boiler arrives



and is installed together with the additional feed hopper and some pipework



Day 2

Pipework in house progresses and hopper raised so that augur would be at correct height.  Chimney started.



Day 3

Chimney completed and internal pipework continues.


The finished flue – quite tall but it has to conform to buildings regs.  It can’t really be seen from the road in front of the house.  Could always be painted black. 


Day 4

Electrics started and pipework completed.

Testing started but problem.  The open pipes leading back to the old boiler started gushing water.


 The cause was the return pipe from a house extension which connected back to a point close to the old boiler.  The new boiler is just the other side of this wall where the pipes disappear.


No heating tonight but we do have a centrally located wood stove and an immersion heater for the hot water so life will continue.


Day 5

Problem sorted – return line extension to join the new pipework.



New mains board completed with proper earthing round the house which was somehow missing. 


….. and finally boiler commissioned

The only small problem so far is that the augur downtube backed up.  The cause was that the downtube extended into the hopper and the pellet level never reached the high level cut-off switch.  Solved by shortening the tube and slightly lowering the high level switch.



Next blog, The Performance, will be delayed a bit so that some run-time experience can be gained.