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How are our broadband services really performing?

Published by geoffbrickell on 01 October 2011

Image Broadband services are now widely considered as an essential service, and the availability of reliable and adequately performing services is already important for most households and businesses and is becoming vital for many domestic and business activities.

Tele-working or home working is now a common occurence for many people and this can have a significant impact on minimising transport costs and inconvenience, with resultant benefits to our environment. However for home working to be completely successful a good broadband service is essential - so that working from home can be no different to working from an office when communicating and interacting with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

To understand how the broadband services are actually performing in the area, Marlborough Area Development Trust (MADT) is undertaking work to provide some real performance data on an ongoing basis that they will report on, and can then be used to lobby for improvements as appropriate.

They need everyone's help to do this however - its free and its easy - so read more about their programme here and then contact them so that you can join the programme and help.