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Rainforest excitement - and controversy

Published by JudyH on 29 January 2012

I was thrilled to hear on BBC4's Crossing Continents recently that deforestation in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest was the lowest on record last year.  Unfortunately, this trend is now threatened by a proposed new forest code.  You can take action here to prevent this threat. 

When I shared this information on the Climate Pledge email there was some great feedback - and also some concern.

Local radio station 105.5 have asked us for a 20-minute slot every 4 weeks (I think people like good news) and Marlborough's Devotion Youth Group are considering becoming a Rainforest Task Force to research this crucial and complex situation. Members were inspired by hearing from Holli Kilburn, last year, on her return from research in the forest canopy in Borneo, and Holli is enthusiastic about meeting them again.

We also heard from forestry expert Keith Fryer, and - even more unexpectedly - from a Brazilian farmer with wide knowledge of the extremely varied terrain, each of whom was concerned about the possibility of oversimplification of the situation.

However, we were delighted by Keith's offer to start a discussion at March Green Drinks on this crucial topic, and look forward to the beginning of an important conversation.  ...onwards and onwards...