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Solar PV installation: December 2011 energy production performance

Published by geoffbrickell on 02 January 2012
Solar PV December 2011
December 2011 Daily Energy Production kWh

The total production for the month of December is just over 89kWh which is more than the SAP average energy production analysis predicted for this month, and therefore compensates to some extent for the smaller than expected production in November.

The lower than expected production last month, as mentioned in the previous post, may have been due to some extent by tree shading, but the average sunshine hours for the month of November were only 57.2 (based on Met office date for Oxford) - which is less than the 30 year average value which is 64 hours - so this will have affected the results as well.

Below I've shown the monthly data for both November and December, along with the 'short' month for October since the installation only went live on the 25th/26th.

More next month !