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Solar PV installation: November 2011 energy production performance

Published by geoffbrickell on 02 December 2011


Solar PV November 2011
November 2011 Daily Energy Production kWh

I've now had my first full month of operation and all the detailed daily energy production values are shown in the graph above.

The total production for the month is just 84.65 kWh which is well down on what the SAP average energy production analysis predicted for this month.

This may be because the month was below average for sunshine hours - or, as I suspect, it may be because I have a bit of a shading problem from trees at this time of the year. When the sun is very low in the sky, as it is at this time of the year, there are some trees quite close to the house that shade the roof quite early in the day - and whilst the trees are deciduous the leaves have stayed on the tree quite late into the month this year.

I will have to wait until later in the month to get the sunshine hour data - so I will report this next month.

Below I've shown the monthly data and obviously October is low since the installation only went live quite late in the month.