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Would you trust a dedicated minibus to get you to Bedwyn station on time?

Published by Sam Page on 23 November 2011

There are currently no buses connecting Marlborough’s commuters with peak-time trains at Bedwyn station. Therefore, we are proposing to establish a dedicated, community, minibus service to link with the 0646 and the 0756 trains in the morning and the 1846 and the 1935 trains in the evening.

In the morning this minibus will start at Barton Park and then stop in the High Street, by the Roebuck and Savernake, before being driven directly to Bedwyn station where it will connect with the appropriate train. The journey will be in reverse during the evening. Crucially, the minibus will wait for the return train in the evening, even if it is late.

The idea is to give Marlborough’s commuters the incentive to leave their cars at home, thereby saving fuel costs, CO2 emissions and relieve the parking congestion in Great Bedwyn village. Please register your interest in this venture by clicking here, as it will help us to show that this is a viable project.