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MCP's Christmas Farmers Market

Published by Alexandra Wax on 13 November 2011

10 December 10am–2pm at Marlborough Town Hall. 

MCP (Marlborough Climate Pledge) have again organised an expanded, festive version of this much-missed Market.  Order your free-range local turkey and shop for artisan breads, Christmas cakes, and Christmas craft presents, as well as organic vegetables and eggs, and award-winning meats.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW.


The Food Group will have a stall to share our ideas for action in 2012 and beyond, and welcome any new ones.  Come and help us colour in our large map of Marlborough with:

(a) details of any spare ground where fruit trees or bushes could be planted; and

(b) details for a Garden Share - linking people who want to 'grow their own' but do not have access to a garden or allotment with those who have the garden but are no longer able to maintain and care for it.