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Solar PV installation: FIT contract and latest performance

Published by geoffbrickell on 06 November 2011

The FIT contract arrived in the post yesterday - which was a surprisingly quick turn-around since SSE had indicated that it could take up to 4 weeks.

Completing the contract was a very straightforward process with two copies of the  document being provided, one for me to keep and the other that I just needed to sign and put into the post using the supplied postage paid envelope.

Also provided were very clearly details of how the generation meter readings should be taken once a quarter and emailed to SSE. So now I need to wait until the end of December to make my first formal generation submission after which I should receive my first payment.


performance graph  

I am still monitoring the system very closely with measurements being recorded every 5 minutes and the graph on the left shows the daily power generation performance from 25th October until 6th November.

It is difficult to judge whether the performance is on-track until there is a lot more data, but it looks about right - since the SAP design suggested a daily average for October to be about 7.2kWh and for November it would be about 4.7 kWh per day.

I will continue to report the system's performance over the coming months.