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An extra £10 million available for rural transport!

Published by Sam Page on 31 October 2011

The Department of Transport has found an extra £10 million which it intends to allocate to rural transport authorities to encourage the growth of community transport in their area.  Apparantly this was made possible due to 'careful management of departmental spending during 2010-11'.

Can the community transport sector make up for the loss of the many subsidised bus services that have occured as a result of recent local goverment cuts?  

The Transport group is currently working with the Bedwyn Trains Passengers Group to conduct a survey of Marlborough commuters in order to find out whether they would use a dedicated minibus to travel to and from Bedwyn station, instead of their cars.  If enough people say 'yes' we could apply for our portion of this £10 million so that Marlborough could follow Ramsbury's example and have its own community bus.