A Solar PV installation journey

Solar PV Installation - Day 2

Published by geoffbrickell on 25 October 2011

Image Day 2 of the installation and the roofing team have cracked on to complete the installation of the panels on the roof.

It looks a bit like Meccano with each of the panels bolted onto the rail framework that was fixed to the roof yesterday.

Man-handling the panels is a bit tricky since it is quite windy today, but whilst the panels looked enormous when they were on the ground they seem to have shrunk once they are up on the roof.






Fortunately it is nice and sunny today, although we've had the odd heavy shower.

With all the panels now on the roof, the electricians were back and the DC cables from the panels are finally connected to the inverter.


Image The inverter comes already configured with default settings that suit most installations, but there was some minor set up. Importantly the inverter has a USB connection so that it will 'log' data on a continuous basis, so I had bought a couple of USB sticks that I could 'rotate' to collect the data, and one of these was inserted ready to go.

But unfortunately by the time everything was ready to go the sun was already going down so the panels weren't generating enough power for the inverter to start-up.


The generation meter, shown above, was therefore still on its initial reading, which wasn't quite zero, so "00000.69" was the reading that I took for the important FIT application form which I need to complete and submit as soon as possible.