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What is a Food Assembly?

Published by Sam Page on 03 June 2017

Image A Food Assembly allows local people to get together to buy the best food available, directly from local farmers and foodmakers.

How does it work?

1. ORDER ONLINE: Choose from a wide range of local products: fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer and much more... it is up to you how much you buy and how often!

2. COLLECT YOUR ORDER: Every week your Assembly takes place in a local venue. Collect your order from here and meet both the people that produce your food and your neighbours.

3. EAT BETTER: Every season taste the freshest food available in your region.

Find out more here: The Food Assembly

The Food Assembly is coming to Marlborough soon!

We are currently looking for a venue in or near Marlborough. This will be used as a meeting point for local food & drink producers to give their customers their pre-paid orders. We would need it for about 3 hours once a week around 5 -7.30pm, for the foreseeable future. The venue needs to have free parking and ground floor access. The space should be large enough to put up about 10 tables and move around. This could be a village hall, pub, cafe, meeting room, we're open to suggestions! The Food Assembly is a community focussed scheme which aims to increase the market and the income for local businesses, while putting customers directly in touch with their food sources. For this reason we are looking for a venue which would be free, or very low cost, perhaps with spin-offs for the owner such as a cafe or pub so that people can meet, sit and have a drink if they want.

Please contact Sarah Benson if you can help: rooibost@yahoo.co.uk