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8 Green Policies killed off by the Tory Government

Published by Sam Page on 27 August 2015


Onshore wind, solar, green homes ... here are the measures that went under the knife just a few weeks ago, in what some are calling the worst period for UK environmental policy in 30 years:

1. Scrapping support for onshore wind power

2. Solar power and biomass subsidies to be axed too

3. Killing the flagship 'Green Deal' for insulating our homes

4. Selling off the green investment bank that was supposed to support pioneering green projects

5. Watering down the incentive to buy a low emissions car

6. Giving up on zero carbon (new) homes

7. Giving the go-ahead to fracking under our homes and in Britain’s most important nature sites

8. Goodbye green tax target

What’s left – and safe?

Nuclear power certainly. The government – seems willing to provide up to £17 billion in subsidies for the new Hinkley Point power station, making it the most expensive power station in the world.

Offshore wind, much more expensive than onshore farms, has so far escaped the axe although there are plenty of Tory critics willing to decry the cost and claim it is a blot on the seascape.

Some people are even talking about abolishing the Department for Energy and Climate Change all together...