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Win the Renewable Energy Home Handbook!

Published by Sam Page on 28 March 2015

Image A reader offer and competition to win a freshly published book about domestic renewable energy, The Renewable Energy Home Handbook is here...

The book is a step-by-step guide to choosing and installing renewable energy projects - insulation and energy saving, biomass heating, wind turbines, solar electric PV generation, solar water heating, heat pumps - everything a home needs from wind, sun, water - and wood. 

There is even advice on living ‘off-grid’ for complete energy self-sufficiency.

The book is geared to those comfortable with a spanner but not to do it themselves. Rather it aims to help the clever customer, those who want to thoughtfully plan eco-domestic installations rather than leap into it with the vague idea that it is a 'good thing'. Just like finding any good tradesman, it is important to use companies skilled in this field - there is nothing worse than duff advice where your life's most expensive purchase (and investment) is concerned. 

The book has been written with meticulous research from experts in domestic renewable energy, most of whom are found in the UK.

For the reader offer (£15.99 plus P&P instead of £24.99 plus P&P) and competition to win the book, visit www.marlboroughnewsonline.co.uk or click here...

Written by Louisa Davison.