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Marlborough's 1st Environmental Film Festival

Published by Sam Page on 28 February 2015

Image That’s right folks – a film festival is coming to Marlborough in November, 2015 though we are going to need your help giving it a bit of a jazzier title…but more of that later.

Cinema has an important role in educating, raising awareness and informing people, as well as entertaining and we are planning to bring you a weekend of some of the most thought provoking films of our time, whilst coming together as a community. Ecology, culture, economics, migrations, wars, the widespread felling of forests and social issues are areas that we feel it is important to explore and while doing it we want to converse, entertain, eat and rejoice together.

The full line-up of films is still being considered but we already have confirmation from eminent Sussex filmmaker Philip Davidson who’s films have won awards and been shortlisted at the Cannes Film Festival. Philip has kindly agreed to a screening of two of his films: An Autumn Day and his latest release Our Power. Philip will hold a talk on ‘How to Object. How to get involved’ during a live audience discussion and debate that will also feature a talk on what is happening in Transition Marlborough.

A film festival incurs high overheads and we shall be seeking support from the British Film Institute who run a: Film Festival Fund as well as support from The National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ programme to cover ourselves. A Sponsorship Pack is soon to be sent out to local businesses and groups who may wish to support us at a local level, and should you wish to do so please contact the Festival Coordinator Ellie Gill by email: info@plainfresh.co.uk

In the meantime we need a great title for the event. We increasingly hear how climate change is one of the most important issues of our time and this often leads to a sense of frustration and disempowerment. What we want from this festival is to showcase how by coming together and making small changes, as well as big ones, we can face the challenges we find ourselves in. To this end the title of this festival needs to be engaging, inspiring and hopeful. You can send in your answers to our online competition along with any suggestions for films that you may like showcased during the festival. The best title suggestions will then be entered into a public poll, with the author of the winning title given a £25 Gift Voucher to spend at Marlborough Communities Market.

Check out the Festival Facebook page, here...

Enter the Competition: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7Q8TKX9