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Are you ready for a radical solution to Marlborough's parking problems?

Published by Sam Page on 11 December 2014

Image Do you think that our beautiful, unique High Street has been turned into an enormous car park, congested with traffic that poisons our air and is a danger for cyclists? Would you like to see fewer cars in the High Street, with wider tree-lined pavements and shared, safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists?

Research has shown that more than 70% of the congestion in Marlborough town is caused by local traffic. These short trips in and around town could be discouraged by getting rid of free spaces (except for the disabled) and increasing parking charges in the High Street and by reducing the cost of parking away from the town centre (e.g. in Waitrose car park). People could be encouraged to walk or cycle into town by improving the local bus service and the cycle network. Cheaper parking away from the town centre would also be of benefit to low paid workers who need to park for longer periods.

You can read more about our future vision for parking and transport in Marlborough, here...

Are you ready for such a radical solution?

If so, please take part in Wiltshire Council's Parking Consultation before 19th January 2015, by clicking here:

You will need to consider doing the following:

  • Disagreeing with most options under Question 2.
  • Suggesting an alternative under Question 3, e.g. "Car park charges in the town centre should be increased and expanded to cover the whole High Street to discourage local traffic, reduce congestion and improve air quality. Variable charging should mean reducing or eliminating car park charges away from the town centre to encourage walking and cycling. Local bus services should be improved".
  • Suggesting alternative options for Questions 4 to 11, e.g. 'The cost of car parking away from the High Street should be reduced or eliminated to help low paid workers and to reduce congestion and the associated toxic emissions'.
  • Inserting your vision of a less congested future for our High Street in the box under Question 12.