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GM foods - Did you know?

Published by Alexandra Wax on 17 August 2014

According to the July 2014 issue of 'healthy' magazine:

The FIVE most common GM foods around the world are:

1. Maize - 85% of corn grown in the USA is modified

2. Soya - the most genetically modified food in the world

3. Courgettes - found in the USA

4. Milk - in the USA cows are often given a GM growth hormone

5. Papayas - these are banned in the EU

While no commercial GM crops are grown in Britain, 140,000 tonnes of GM soya and 300,000 tonnes of GM maize is imported annually for animal feed. So a large amount of our meat and dairy products come from animals fed on GM crops - this is not on food labels.

Genetically modified (GM) food is produced from plants which have had their DNA tweaked in the lab to give it a new, desirable trait - e.g. to make it more resistant to disease or pests to boost yield.