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Marlborough Town Council as a Transition Council?

Published by RichPitts on 17 October 2011 RichPitts

Full Town Council tonight at the Town Hall at 7pm, Please come along show your support. This is the motion I have put together it acknowledges this organisation is seperate and it will persue its on way forward but I hope in partnership and in a spirit of cooperation.

5. Motion – to be proposed by Cllr R Pitts and seconded by Cllr A Ross

Marlborough Town Council :

    1. as demonstrated in its commitment to 10:10 and a sustainable strategy, fully endorses the Transition Town movement and subscribes to the principals and ethos of the movements’ goals to reduce dependence on fossil fuel. This Council will strive to create a more sustainable Marlborough; and

    2. acknowledges the work by its partner organisations in the town and local area in tackling the issues in the descent from peak oil to a sustainable community; and

    3. further, the town council will follow its own initiatives to promote and achieve descent from peak oil to a “sustainable council status”. This will be through a energy descent action plan; and

    4. agrees to undertake a review of its budgets and services to achieve a reduction in dependence on fossil fuel and energy costs. It will produce an energy descent action plan in line with the principals of the transition movement.

  1. Very happy for comments here ..... or Call me on 01672 512087.
  2. The most important driver for this is by rethinking how we do things I strongly beleive we will save the Council Tax payer money.