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Do you have an idea for a community project?

Published by Sam Page on 27 January 2014

At the last hub meeting it was decided to focus more on implementing community-based projects and less on themed groups, in order to acheive the urgent changes we need in reducing carbon emissions, in the light of recent extreme weather events.  We are currently implementing the following projects:

  • Supporting the Communities' Market to encourage local food production
  • Improving access to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in order to retrofit dwellings that are 'hard-to-treat and vulnerable to fuel poverty
  • Lobbying for improved cycle paths and more cycle racks in order to reduce our reliance on cars
  • Lobbying to extend the train line electrification from Newbury to Marlborough
  • Supporting Kennet Community Energy to encourage local ownership of power generation
  • Creating community orchards in green spaces in residential areas around town
  • Supporting the Swop Stall to prevent unwanted items from going into land-fill
  • Up-dating the Recycling Directory to reduce waste
  • Training more people in permaculture to promote food self-sufficiency

Please get in touch via enquiries@transitionmarlborough.org to help us speed up the implementation of these and other projects, in order to increase our self reliance in the face of climate change. If you have an idea for a new project, please consider the following:

  • What is the objective of of your project?
  • How do you know that this is what the community needs? (e.g. Have you done a survey? Is it in the Marlborough Area Plan or Wiltshire Council's Core Strategy?)
  • How will you measure your success? (e.g. by using 'time-lines', 'milestones' and 'key indicators').
  • What problems will you have to overcome, before reaching your objective?
  • Who are your partners?