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Apple Day comes to the Market

Published by Sam Page on 28 October 2013

It's that time again.... Marlborough Communities' Market will once again be in the High Street this Sunday supporting small, local, artisan businesses who produce food, prepare street food, sell unique gifts and make craft items of exceptional quality..... and this month we are being joined by the wonderful Richard Paget who is this year supporting Apple Day! 

So you know what to do... if you just pass this message on to a couple of your friends - and ask them to do the same, by Sunday everyone and their dog should know that one of the best artisan markets in Wiltshire is in Marlborough High Street, from 10-3 & that we will have an apple press. 

So bring along the last of the windfalls that will have blown down in the storm and you could end up having apple juice for the Winter from your own finds.

Community Market Champions to get £100

We are having a number of additional signs made up to let even more people know that Marlborough Communities Market is on and are looking for MCM Champions to donate good locations for the signs to go onto.

So if you think you know a great location be it a gate, fence, front wall, garden, field or verge - please do encourage the landowners to get in touch.   All those who participate in the scheme will be entitled to a £100 of Marlborough Communities Market Voucher's per annum, to be spent on the stall or stalls  of their choice and we are looking for 4 sites in total*. For T&C's please see below 

A final thought......

Now we have all heard that every pound spent at an independent businesses is worth £8 compared to money spent in a supermarket... but if we relate that to the Communities Market Champions deal .... it makes it worth a whopping £3,200.  

Going a bit further on the above stats around local money.... if 10% of the population of Marlborough spent £5 at one of the four markets that we are putting on between now and Christmas - that would mean £36,000 to the local economy. Crazy isn't it!

Use it or lose it folks... and hope to see you Sunday.

Written by Ellie Gill - follow us on twitter: @marlcommunities