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The Recycling Directory is now on-line

Published by Shirley Pryor on 28 June 2013

The long-promised Marlborough recycling directory has gone "live". See it here or on the Recycling Group's home page. It is based on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's recycling directory, published in 2005. So much has changed since then, that it has required a complete re-write. Emma Croft, the Trust's Waste Minimisation Officer, gave us an electronic copy of the original to work from. Emma has seen the result and sent her congratulations.

We wrote it for Marlborough, but the tips and links could be applied anywhere - we've already had an enquiry from India, which led me to amend the front page slightly. The idea was to be as practical (and pragmatic) as possible, giving readers several options. We have tried to focus on Reduce, Reuse and Repair wherever we can.

It is not yet finished (and probably never will be, as things seem to change constantly). We still have some pages to load and topics to research. Please help us by giving us feedback and let us know if you have any other ideas or suggestions.