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The 2nd Big Bike Sale

Published by Shirley Pryor on 05 February 2013

Back by popular demand...
Saturday, 23 February, 10am onwards
Outside the Sports Hall at St John’s, Marlborough

When St John’s Family and Friends (the PTA for St John’s in Marlborough) ran the Big Bike Sale for the first time last year we sold (or sent to Africa) 98 bikes.  We had bikes of all shapes and sizes, across all price ranges.  Business was brisk.
This year we are expanding the sale to include bikes, skateboards, rip-stiks, scooters, go-karts, bike racks, trampolines*, table-tennis tables, basketball hoops and other  large* or outdoor toys which young people grow out of, but can be sold to other families.

This is how it works:
•    Decide how much you want to charge.
•    Put your name, phone number and price on a tag
•    Drop it off at 9 am on Saturday 23 Feb at St John’s School, Granham Hill, Marlborough
•    If it sells, Family and Friends will take 25% commission, you get the rest
•    Collect money or unsold items before 4pm

*For items which are too big to bring along, make up an ad (including a picture, description, name, address, price) for our marketplace board.  We will display the item during the day and let you know who is interested.

If you want to buy bikes or other items, we will be open for business from 10am and running an all day, outdoor café with hot drinks and snacks.

Any questions call Jo on 07766 721799 or e-mail at jopayne at tiscali.co.uk or Lesley on 07784 094253 or e-mail at lesleyfernley at aol.com