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Electric minibus in the pipeline - a reliable solution for Marlborough's long suffering commuters?

Published by Sam Page on 12 October 2011

The makers of the award-winning Smith Edison electric van have now turned their attention to creating an electric powered minibus, the prototype of which was premiered at the CV Operator Show 2010.

The green vehicle will be the first 17-seater electric minibus in the UK. The model is currently in production and is based on the Ford transit chassis. Once complete the manufacturers say the electric minibus will be able to reach top speeds of 50mph, will boast an 80 mile battery range, plus it will take 8 hours to completely recharge the battery.

A battery, which is installed underneath the minibus so as not to take away from the passenger space, is at the centre of the technology which will run the vehicle.

Once the minibus is up and running the manufacturers expect the vehicles will be popular for use as airport shuttles, to transport tourists to attractions, and for city trips. Interest in the 17-setaer electric minibus is expected to be huge due to its seriously green credentials and its ability to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Smith Edison also has 12-seater and 15-seater electric minibuses available. The vehicles have very low running costs when compared with petrol fuelled minibuses, they emit zero emissions, and can be charged fully overnight.

This article was written by Louise Williams, 21/04/2010


Could a dedicated service to Bedwyn Station, using this type of minibus encourage Marlborough's commuters to leave their cars in the garage, thereby cutting CO2 emissions and reducing the parking problem in the Knapp?


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