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Save money on your heating bills!

Published by Lorna Harvey-Frank on 01 November 2012

Autumn is here and that means longer evenings and colder nights.  Are your curtains up to the job?

A Transition Marlborough initiative is being planned to help you make your home more cosy and warm while at the same time saving you money on your heating bills.

I can help you to line your existing curtains to cut down on draughts and heat loss through windows and doors, or show you how to make fully interlined curtains from scratch.  If your curtains are too short and draughts are coming in underneath then why not add a border?  Or if you have recently moved and your curtains are too long then maybe you could shorten them.  How about a pretty draught excluder to fill the gaps around loose fitting windows and doors?  

The idea is to organise a day where we share sewing machines and sewing skills and help and  learn from each other.  If you have a sewing maching that would be really useful but not essential, as curtains are mainly hand sewn.  

If you happen to have some curtains which you no longer need, perhaps you would consider donating them to the group.  

Please get in touch: lornaharveyfrank@btinternet.com if you are interested in joining us. Or come and chat to us at the next Marlborough Communities Market on 29th November or 16th December on our stall Designer Cushions and Throws.  At the February market we will be teaming up with the Recycling Group to initiate a curtain exchange. More information on this to follow.