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TM sponsors Diamond Jubilee Apple Tree

Published by Sam Page on 21 October 2012

Several members of Transition Marborough joined scores of people from other local community groups and schools, in order to plant apple trees in the new Diamond Jubilee Apple Orchard, on the Common today.

The variety of our tree is 'CELT' - it was first nurtured by David Harris of Melksham in 1943. The Brogdale records describe it as 'a very sweet, honeyed; not intensely aromatic but rich with an almost scented flavour. The flesh is juicy and of bright, creamy colour. A medium-vigorous grower, it is free spurring and crops heavily and should be harvested in early October and the apples stored until December'.

Crab apple trees were also planted to improve pollination. Other fruits trees, including quince, pears, plums and damsons will be planted around the diamond formation in November.






These are all 'community fruit trees' which have been planted to restore the historic links between common land and local food for local people, so if you live near the Common, please keep an eye on them.

Let's hope we don't have to wait too long before we can sample their delicious fruits!



    Shirley and Gerald with our newly planted apple tree