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Diamond Jubilee Plantation Launch Party

Published by Gerald on 20 October 2012

Sunday 21st October sees the launch of the Diamond Jubilee plantation on Marlborough Common.  Festvities start at 11.00am with the Mayor's procession from the Town Hall to the Common. There will then be a ceremonial planting by the Mayor of a Burns Seedling, a rare variety of Wiltshire apple tree.

Following a blessing by Revd Andrew Studdert-Kennedy, nine other native Wiltshire apple trees plus two crab apple trees will be planted in a diamond formation by their sponsors. Transition Marlborough has donated one of the apple trees.  So come along to offer your support and encouragement with the plantings.

Bring a picnic and gardening gear!

Later, in November, bare root quince, medlar, pear, plum and damson will be added, also sponsored by community groups, clubs and societies. The whole area is to be underplanted with wild meadow flowers and bulbs.

Another step towards making Marlborough a "town in an orchard".