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How to object to Wiltshire Council's ban on wind turbines

Published by Sam Page on 29 September 2012

The quickest and easiest way to respond is to send an email to spatialplanningpolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk. You need to include your postal address on the email for your response to be considered valid, but you don’t need to be a Wiltshire resident. You should also send a copy of the email to your local councillor (Nick Fogg: nicholasfogg@hotmail.com)  and MP, Claire Perry: claire.perry.mp@parliament.uk

You could copy and paste the text below, however it is better to use your own words:  

I am writing to comment on the amended Wiltshire Core Strategy Policy 42 (standalone renewable energy installations).   I believe this policy is unsound; it has not been positively prepared, it is not justified and is not consistent with national policy.  

1.  The policy takes a negative stance towards large-scale wind power, going against Wiltshire Council’s own findings that “Positive policies are needed to maximise the delivery of large scale, standalone renewable energy technologies in Wiltshire to help ensure national and local targets can be met”.  

2.  The Government has affirmed that “The approach to wind turbine development in the UK is to assess the potential impacts of proposals on a case by case basis”. Wiltshire council has offered no reasoned justification as to why arbitrary separation distances should be set in the core strategy.   

3.  The policy as amended is contrary to the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF): that planning should help in “securing radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions” (NPPF paragraph 93); and that Local Authorities should “design their policies to maximise renewable and low carbon energy development while ensuring that adverse impacts are addressed”, and “consider identifying suitable areas for renewable and low carbon energy sources” (NPPF paragraph 97).