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Can Marlborough be self-sufficient in food? Learning from other transition groups

Published by Sam Page on 09 October 2011

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTL_dju3Nr-RJugBmxcAdXRob Hopkins highlighted several towns that are successfully increasing community resiliance by improving food sovereignty, during his inspiring presentation at the recent Shumacher Centenary Conference that was held in Bristol:  

For example, the people of Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire came together when their fruit and vegetable shop was threatened with closure and decided to turn it into a co-operative.  They raised £15, 000 from small donations, re-hired the manager and set about sourcing food from local farmers.  

Fresh garlic presented the biggest challenge, since the nearest supplier was in China!  Undaunted, the co-operative simply gave out 2 garlic cloves to each customer then ran a competition for the biggest home-grown garlic...  The village is now well protected from vampires as there is abundant garlic in all the gardens.

Their shop is currently being extended in order to sell local cheeses and sustainably caught fish from nearby Hull.

You can find out more about this exciting grass-roots activity by going to Slaithwaite Co-op

Transition Norwich has gone even further - they are planning to make their whole town self-sufficient in food.

Wilton WindmillNorwich's Food Group has obtained £137, 000 from the Lottery-funded Local Food Fund and are planning to purchase a mill in order to grind corn to supply flour to local artisan bakers.  A Community Supported Agriculture scheme has also been set up and local land has been obtained in order to set up more market gardens.

Transition Cambridge has formed the Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance by linking with other local groups with similar objectives.  They have produced a series of informative posters on 'food sustainablility' and are currently working on ways of reducing food waste.

Marlborough is surrounded by prime agricultural land and packed full of enterprising people, so what are we waiting for??? 

Click here if you have some ideas on how we can increase Marlborough's food self-sufficiency.

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