Renewable Energy Profile Directory

We are compiling profiles of all the Renewable Energy deployments that we can identify in the Marlborough area, so that we can:

  • communicate the range of technologies that are being used in the area;
  • track the continued uptake of renewable energy sources, which we would aim to eventually use to 'guesstimate' the changing carbon footprint for the area; and to
  • encourage others to consider doing something themselves to decrease their carbon footprint.

The following links provide individual web pages for the renewable energy projects that have been profiled so far in the Marlborough area.

Please let us know if you have, or know of, another renewable energy deployment that we could profile.

Publish profile as a web pageDeployment location
yes8 Bergamot Close Manton
yesBeech Knoll - Back Lane Marlborough
yesLockeridge 01

Solar PV


Solar Thermal