Registering to become a TM Member


If you would like to support Transition Marlborough by becoming a Member then you need to use the Registration process on this site which also gives you a userId and password for the web system which will allow you to login and get access to on-line material that is only made available to Members.

Membership is free to anyone living in the Marlborough area and a TM member is able to join one or more Activity Groups and attend the TM AGM (the first one was held in October 2012) in order to vote on amendments to the Constitution and for new TM officers. You can even stand as an officer yourself!  TM now has 6 Activity Groups: Energy, Food, Transport, Recycling, Climate and Permaculture.

Most Groups have regular meetings, usually in a local pub in Marlborough Town centre; you can find out the times and venues of the next Activity Group meetings and about their current projects by checking out their respective pages on this website.  We are always on the look-out for new active members with ideas on how we can increase local resilience in the face of rising fuel prices and the need to cut Greenhouse Gas emissions.

In addition, if you would like to be part of an Activity Group, or you have an interest in several Groups, then you can also help maintain and evolve the content on this web based once you are a Member.

The on-line system is designed to be used collaboratively by all Members of Transition Marlborough and whilst you do need a little bit of knowledge in order to create and edit web pages it is not difficult and there is plenty of help available.

When you start the Membership Registration process you are shown a simple form to fill in. Once the minimum mandatory information has been filled in the form is submitted you are then shown an acknowledgement screen and you will be sent an email once your Membership Registration has been approved. If you use an email spam filter, be sure to add admin at transitionmarlborough.org to your accepted list since all messages from the system will come from this email address.

The email Subject will say "Confirm your Transition Marlborough email at transitionmarlborough.org" and this part of the process allows us to check that you have input a valid email, which is very important. The email contains a link that you need to click which takes you to the system and provides a completion step for the overall process.

Also, as part of the Membership Registration process you must confirm your acceptance to the Transition Marborough Constitution as well as the Privacy Policy of the web system - so now just click here to begin the Membership Registration process.

However if you think full Membership is not for you then you can just keep up-to-date with our progress by subscribing to our Newsletter here.

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