Plastic Carrier Bags


Say No to Unwanted Bags (SNUB).  Around 80 million carrier bags are used in Wiltshire each year.  Buy a cloth bag or supermarket ‘bag for life’ to carry shopping.  Waitrose (Marlborough High Street) and Tesco (Salisbury Road business park) run a ‘Bag for Life’ scheme (10p per bag).  These sturdy plastic bags can be reused many times and when the bag becomes unusable, return it to the store for a free replacement. The store then sends the bags to be recycled. Sometimes the Marlborough Communities Market gives away free jute bags.


If you have plastic carrier bags, reuse them at the supermarket or in department stores. You can use old, plastic carrier bags as bin liners, though it's better to buy compostable ones rather than bring home a heap of supermarket carrier bags each week. Anyway, with all the "reduce, reuse and recycle" you'll be doing, you won't be throwing so much away smiley!


Once your plastic carrier bag has no life left, don't throw it in the bin - look out for a plastic carrier bag recycling point, e.g. supermarkets Waitrose and Tesco.

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