Reduce & Re-use

Wiltshire's Real Nappy Network Officer, at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (01380 736074), can provide information about reusable, cloth nappies as well as demonstration packs, lists of local suppliers and services, and details of the support and incentive schemes available. Click here for further details about Wiltshire's Real Nappy Network.

Washable nappies come in a variety of shapes, colours and designs, illustrated on these websites:

Born www.borndirect.com ; Lollipop Children’s Products Ltd www.teamlollipop.co.uk  

Old style terry nappies can be reused as household cloths for many years to come.


As with all textiles, real (clean!) nappies can be place in kerbside recycling black boxes or taken to Marlborough Household Recycling Centre. If very old/stained (but clean), first tie in a bag marked "rags" .


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