This includes Candles, Coins, Corks, Ice lolly sticks, Keys, Locks, Pens and pencils. (more to come later)


Old wax candles can be melted down and made into new ones.  Look in your local library for craft books giving instructions or log-on to the following websites:  

Candle Makers Supplies  http://www.candlemakers.co.uk

Envocare  http://www.envocare.co.uk/candle_making.htm

Mismatch http://www.mismatch.co.uk/candle.htm


The following charity shops will accept old coins: Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and The Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street.

Spare foreign currencies are collected by airlines and donated to charity. If you still have some, contact the big charities, such as Oxfam and Help the Aged, as they will often accept them.


Reuse corks in the bottom of flowerpots to add drainage or use as mulch on the top of pot plants.  Alternatively, use them on the ends of garden canes to reduce sharp edges.

Natural corks will rot down and can be chopped up and put into your compost heap.

Plastic corks can be recycled in hard plastics at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre. Synthetic corks cannot be recyled. Many wine bottles now use metal screw tops, which may be recycled with cans in kerbside recycling black boxes.

Ice Lolly Sticks & Ice Cream Spoons

Reuse lolly sticks as plant labels and plastic ice cream tub spoons as spatulas for spreading glue.

Wooden sticks can be composted at home.


Reuse in collage.

Take to Marlborough Household Recycling Centre for scrap metal recycling.


Take to Marlborough Household Recycling Centre for scrap metal recycling.

Pens and pencils

Use a pencil instead. Use a fountain pen or use refills for ballpoint pens. Buy pens made from recycled materials, e.g. from Barn Owl trust . Compost pencils when too small to use. Compost pencil sharpenings.


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