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Cling film

Wrap food in greaseproof paper/place in airtight container. Use a plate over a bowl when storing food in the fridge.

Cling film cannot be recycled locally. There is a company, Polyprint, that recycles clean cling film, but you need to post it to them.


Clean crockery in good condition may be taken to local charity shops: Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street. Sell online through ebay or sell to China Search  01926 512402 ext 225 (9-5, Mon-Fri). Give away on freecycle.

Broken crockery can be used to add drainage in the bottom of flowerpots. A chipped mug can hold pencils. A broken teapot may be rented out to a robin, providing it is in a safe location. Recycle broken crockery in the rubble skip at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.


The following charity shops will accept cutlery that is clean and in good condition, but not sharp knives:
Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street. Sell on ebay or give away via freecycle

Recycle metal cutlery in the metal container at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.

Paper products

Compost greaseproof paper or baking parchment by screwing into a ball and moistening before adding to heap. Use cloths instead of kitchen paper towel. If you do use paper towel, buy recycled and compost after use. Reuse cardboard inners in craft projects or recycle in home compost or place in kerbside recycling blue-lidded bin.

Fabric table napkins reduce the use of paper. If you use paper napkins, keep a bag of used clean(ish) ones for mopping up spills.

Use loose tea instead of teabags. Whichever you use, compost afterwards.

Pots and pans

When too old for cooking, use to mix paint or store things in shed or garage. (Our son used to love to play with them! We've used an old wok lid, with hole cut in middle, fitted on the bird table stand to stop squirrels and rats from climbing up  - Shirley)

Recycle metal saucepans at the Household Recycling Centre.

Water filter cartridges

Brita water filter cartridges can be placed in a container at the front of Waitrose, to be sent for recycling. Boots cartridges are only collected in some stores, with plans to roll out to all in future; if you use these, keep asking your local store. Cartridges are not recycled at HRC. When water jugs are old they can still be used in garage or garden, and they and other parts of the filter system may be recycled in the hard plastics bin at Marlborough Recycling Centre.

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