Consider gifts that offer experiences, such as concert or theatre tickets or promises to do things. Buy gifts made from recycled materials or look in charity shops etc for ideas. Make gifts at home, using bits and pieces that might otherwise be thrown away. Give homemade edible gifts.

Think about wrappings for gifts too: metallic wrapping paper cannot be recycled, so is best avoided. Place gift in a reusable container or wrap in another gift, such as a scarf. Reuse paper and ribbons.


Unwanted gifts can be given to charity shops: The following charity shops will accept gifts in good condition:
Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and The Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street. 

Advertise for sale on ebay or in newspaper; sell at carboot or community sale; give away on freecycle or swap at a local event, such as the Give and Take stall at Marlborough Communities Market.

Save wrapping paper for reuse.


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