Reduce & Reuse

Cut down the use of new envelopes by sticking reuse labels over the old address. If there is postage franking on the envelope, cover this with a sticky label. Self-adhesive labels can be bought from stationery shops and you can order reuse labels from many environmental organisations, including Barn Owl Trust  01364 653026  www.barnowltrust.org.uk

(I open out any large padded envelopes that I can't reuse for posting and place them inside back door for muddy shoes. When they are too tatty for that, I strip out the bubble wrap and recycle the brown envelope part in blue bin, with cardboard... Shirley Pryor)

The plastic wrappers on magazines can be carefully opened, then reused as a plastic bag for non-food storage.


If you can’t reuse an envelope, it can be composted.  Take out any cellophane window  first.  Then scrunch up the envelope before placing in your compost.

White envelopes can be placed in paper recycling in kerbside recycling black box; you do not have to remove cellophane window first. Brown envelopes can be placed in the kerbside recycling blue-lidded bin, with cardboard.

Look carefully at plastic wrappers on magazines because some have recycling instructions, e.g. "put in container with carrier bags at supermarket".



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