Curtains can be adapted to fit another window.  If you have moved home and have curtains that are too big for any of the windows but they are still in good condition you can shorten them and/or reduce the width.  If you don't have sewing skills you will usually find someone local who can help out.  Look for advertisements in the local parish magazines or notice boards or ask a friend if they know anyone who sews.   It is also possible to make roman blinds from a curtain, giving a room a more modern, fresh feel, as well as reusing the fabric and saving money.   Some curtain makers also offer a second hand service so it's worth checking the internet for what is available locally. 

Old lace curtains can be put over fruit bushes to protect them from birds.  Reusable curtains can also be tied inside plastic bags and deposited in the textile bank at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.

The following charity shops will also accept curtains that are clean and in good condition:
 Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and The Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street.


If in poor condition, mark bagged up curtains as ‘rag’ before placing in the textile bank at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre. Rag is used to make carpet underlay among other things.


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