Computer Equipment



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Green Machine Computers, a local company, was set up by Simon Crisp in 2011 to refurbish old computers and sell them at low cost. Simon offers a collection service for unwanted computer and electronic equipment. The company then uses what it can to refurbish/rebuild a new machine (a huge environmental benefit), whilst recycling other components. The computer will then be offered to families on benefits/ low income, students or anyone who is in need of a low cost computer solution.  In addition, for each machine put back in the market place, Simon donates to charities in the local area, for example Afrikaya (Devizes) and  Helen and Douglas House.

Simon will also take printer toners and mobile phones for recycling and offers computer repair and troubleshooting services. Contact on 01672 520133 or email: info at green-machine.org.

Computer equipment may also be taken to Marlborough Household Recycling Centre; ask where to put it when you arrive.


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