Help clothes to last longer. Have a look at http://loveyourclothes.org.uk/. There are tips on clothes care and repair and more.

Buy from or donate to a charity shop. If donating, they must be clean and in good condition.  Reusable clothes can also be put into sealed bags and deposited in black kerbside collection boxes or taken to the textile bank at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.

The following charity shops will accept clean clothing in good condition:
Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and The Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street.

Clothes can be sold on internet sites such as ebay and preloved or given away on Freecycle (see useful websites). Sell at car boot sales or community sales.

Clothes are often spoiled by staining, which becomes fixed in the material by washing: check before washing and treat with a stain remover. Stained clothes could be dyed to cover the stain.

Vincent bespoke tailor, Hughendon Yard, (01672 511488), carries out clothing repairs and alterations; so do many dry cleaners.


If the clothes are not in reusable condition, mark the bag ‘rag material’ before putting in kerbside recycling black box or into the textile bank at Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.  Rag is used to make carpet underlay among other things.


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