Use an old piece under a heavy piece of furniture that may scratch a wooden floor.

Use in the garden or allotment to suppress weeds, or use a small piece to cover an open compost bin.  If you are making a pond, old carpet can be used beneath the liner.

The following charity shops will accept rugs in good condition. It is worth contacting them in advance to check on what sizes they can accommodate: Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and Blue Cross, all in Marlborough High Street.


Carpet is not currently recycled by Household Recycling Centres in Wiltshire. It has to be placed in the household rubbish skip at the HRC and will be sent to landfill.

If you know anywhere in the county that takes old household carpets for reuse or recycling, please let us know: recycling@transitionmarlborough.org



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