Avoid frozen food packaging and cartons used to hold liquids (see ‘drinks cartons’, below).


Cardboard boxes are useful for storage and the large boxes that come with new purchases such as a television or computer can be flattened and stored for later reuse (e.g. during house removals).

Egg boxes can be used for seed propagation and chitting early potatoes.  If your eggs were purchased from a local producer the box can often be returned.

Cardboard is also useful for children's craft projects (and I've used large boxes as play houses for children and cats! Shirley Pryor)


In blue-lidded bin for kerbside collection. Please note: waxed cartons and tetra pak cartons used for drinks can not be recycled with cardboard (see below for how to recycle them). All other types of cardboard may be placed in the bin, including cards and also shredded paper. Cardboard collected from households is recycled as corrugated cardboard for packaging.

Small amounts of cardboard, such as loo roll inner tubes and egg boxes may be composted; tear or scrunch up and soak in water first.

Drinks cartons

Drinks cartons, including tetrapaks, may be taken to Marlborough Household Recycling Centre, where there is a special container for them.




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