The trend for digital download of music has reduced the number of CDs purchased. CDs are often available to buy in charity shops and car boot sales.


Pre-recorded CDs, in good condition, can be donated to charity shops. (Home computer-burnt copies are not accepted, due to copyright restrictions.) Oxfam, Prospect Hospice, Helen and Douglas House, RSPCA and Blue Cross charity shops, in Marlborough High Street, all accept CDs.

Alternatively, you could advertise them for sale in local newspapers or on a website such as ebay or sell at car boot sales and community sales.

Sell online at  Music Magpie. They provide a free courier service for large or heavy packages.

Unwanted CDs can be turned into bird scarers by suspending them on string, along a vegetable plot, or they can be used as fun coasters.


There is currently not a facility in Marlborough for recycling damaged or unwanted CDs.  Marlborough Household Recycling Centre can no longer accept them in the hard plastics containerEmpty CD cases may, at present, be placed in the hard plastics recycling container.


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