Try to use rechargeable batteries, mains electricity or solar powered/wind up equipment (e.g. radios and torches), in preference to non-rechargable household batteries.  Although rechargeable batteries are more expensive to buy initially, they will last for up to 1000 charges and so are cheaper to use in the long run.  Don’t store batteries together as this can affect their lifespan.  Log on to www.naturalcollection.com or phone 0845 367 7003 for details of a range of solar powered and similar equipment to order.

Some battery-operated items need a battery with a very full charge, e.g. digital camera. When they no longer have sufficient charge for this, they can still be used in torches, radios, clocks. You can check battery life with a battery tester.


Always take batteries to be recycled, rather than placing in household rubbish. Household batteries may be recycled at Waitrose, Boots and WH Smith stores in the town (including mobile phone batteries and button cells from watches, cameras etc.).

You can take all types, including car batteries, (providing they are from a household, not a business) to the Marlborough Household Recycling Centre.


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