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Marlborough Cycle Network

The Transport Group first initiated this project in 2012, to identify the safest route for cyclists to travel round Marlborough town and the proposed route was shown for the first time at St Johns Science Fair in 2012. 

The fully established cycle network has now been endorsed by Wiltshire Council and it can be found on their website, here...  You can also view this network as an interactive map with 'pop-out' hazards, such as poor road surfaces, heavy traffic, parked cars, blind corners and sections where you must dismount because of steps or where pedestrians take priority, here...

The circular cycle track is in the process of being up-graded with appropriate signs and by resurfacing the path at Treacle Bolly, thanks to our continuous, patient lobbying of Marlborough Area Board.

Wiltshire Council and Marlborough Town Council have also agreed to install more cycle racks in Marlborough High Street, in line with their policy to promote cycling throughout the county.  We had originally asked for these racks to be installed in two of the parking spaces in the central area, at either side of the High Street.  Town Councillors were against this idea because the racks would have taken up two of the free parking spaces.  Wiltshire Council have since agreed to give up at least one parking space in the middle of the street, between Polly Tea Rooms and Valentina's.  We are now working with the Area Board to ensure that these racks are installed within the next few months.

Are you a keen cyclist?  We'd love to have your support.  Please write to us at transport@transitionmarlborough.org to find out how you can help us promote this project.

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