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The next Hub meeting will be on Thursday 11th February at 8pm in the Green Dragon. All welcome!

Wiltshire Council: NO FOSSIL FUELS - Sign the petition, here...

Click here... to #BanGlyphosate from our bread.

Read the latest reports on the prospects for cutting GHG emissions, here...

We have had to put the Communities Market on hold until further notice because of a massive surcharge imposed by Wiltshire Council cry

TM's Rail Proposal welcomed by MP - read more here...  and download the report here ...

Frack-free Devizes: check out the locations where exploratory drilling is planned, here...

Read the latest Transition Network Newsletter, here...

Which fossil fuel companies have caused global warming? find out here...

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Find out more, here...

Click here to see the Carbon Map and make sense of Climate Change responsibility and vulnerability.

Welcome to Transition Marlborough

How safe is the air we breathe in Marlborough?

View the most recent particulate levels in London Road, Marlborough, here...

Come to a public meeting on Wednesday 10th February at 7.30 pm in the Town Hall, to find out more and give your views on ways of reducing traffic congestion in our town.




Permaculture Group


We discussed rocket mass heating at our last permaculture group meeting in 2015.  A rocket mass heater uses only a tenth of the wood needed by a conventional wood burning stove.  Its fundamental characteristics are an insulated combustion chamber where fuel (generally wood) is burned with high efficiency at extremely high temperatures, and a large thermal mass in contact with the exhaust gases which absorbs most of the generated heat before the gases are released to the atmosphere.  This means that you only have to burn small twigs for a couple of hours and in return you get 22 hours of heat that is slowly released from the thermal mass.  These stoves are normally self-built and are not yet recognised by all building codes.  

In the picture you can see Jeremy lighting his mini rocket stove so that we can feast on egg sandwiches!  If you would like to join in the 2016, 10 - week permaculture course which starts in March, please contact us via permaculture@transitionmarlborough.org


Transition Film Club

Image Film can be a powerful medium and Transition Marlborough would like to start up a regular film club to share and promote films and discussion about things close to the heart of Transition.

The film club could showcase local film makers, encourage young people's involvement in local issues, offer viewings of award winning films and create an atmosphere that brings out discussion and debate about the big issues of our time. It could also lift our spirits with inspiring stories and different worlds.  Would you support a local film club?  If so, we need your help - please fill in the short survey here... so we can decide which days and times would be best and what sort of films you would like to see.


Save our bees!


Bees are fighting for survival, threatened by disease, climate change and pesticides including neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids have been shown to cause harm to bees, so their use as a seed treatment is currently banned in Europe.  Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has gone against growing scientific evidence and accepted a request made by UK farmers to use the bee-harming pesticide again this autumn. We need bees to pollinate so many of our crops and flowers. No bees means less food.

Join the call asking Elizabeth Truss to reverse this dangerous decision to allow bee-harming neonicotinoids in our fields.  Sign the Green Peace petition, here...


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